Save ~50% on the costs of your medical procedure with trusted providers abroad.

We help you find a trusted provider abroad, at a fixed price, and take care of the logistics so your medical trip feels like a vacation.

Patient testimonials

Co-founder of Welltrip

"I had my ganglion cyst treated in the US, which cost me $1,000 for a 10 minute procedure. I then got the same treatment done in Colombia for $100 at the same quality..." - Patrick Prommel

Clinic testimonials

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"Welltrip is an extremely professional partner that has made our services even more attractive than they already were to foreign patients" - International Smiles

Go outside your local network.

The existing healthcare system makes us believe we're stuck with doctors in our insurance program - that's a lie.

You can get many medical procedures (cosmetic, dental, orthopedic etc.) done abroad at the same or better quality.

You'd think traveling abroad for healthcare is more expensive... but it's not.

Lock price before your book.

Including flights, hotel, and the medical procedure you'll actually pay less than you would locally.

We give you the tools to price all three aspects for you so you know exactly how much you'll pay.

Our medical providers don't hide their prices.

Book appointments with trust.

We get it. It's hard to trust a doctor from a country you may have never been to.

Don't worry we verify the quality and level of expertise of all the providers. And you can see reviews of other people like you as well.

You can book an initial video consultation and talk to them.

Get past language barriers.

Medical jargon is hard enough in English - with us you won't have to learn it in Spanish.

All our providers are bi-lingual and speak English.

You will be able to explain your concerns, and also tell them how much fun you're having.

Get the care you need, and the vacation you deserve.

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